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KVP Cura™ (1 pack)
KVP Cura™ (1 pack)
KVP Cura™ (1 pack)

KVP Cura™ (1 pack)

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  • The KVP Cura™ reduces pain and increases blood flow, providing effective therapy for a variety of ailments
  • Using PEMF technology, KVP Cura™ increases metabolism, blood flow, and lymphatic flow by accelerating the exchange of positive and negative ions through the cell membranes of an animal's body
  • The KVP Cura™ can also be used with the FREE Hip Dysplasia Garment that comes with every purchase and the KVP Back Bracer to reach areas not covered by the Garment
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Technical Specs: Output Voltage: 19.5v
Output Signal: 27.12MHz, 2Hz Pulse, 2ms Burst, 6.5 mWs/cm^3
Power: 3.7v DC lithium ion rechargeable battery
Compliance: IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-2

Warranty: Our warranty covers all manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year. This Warranty does not cover device failure due to normal wear and tear or improper use.

Small 10" - 19"
Medium 17" - 27"
Large 23" - 33"
X-Large 27" - 37"

Waist Circumference: Wrap the measuring tape around the narrowest point of the pet's waist, behind the ribs.