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Carpal (Wrist) Brace

Carpal (Wrist) Brace

IMPORTANT: An additional Order Form will accompany the Casting Kit which you will receive, and it must be filled out in its entirety. An incomplete form will delay the brace fabrication process.

Used most frequently to prevent hyperextension, our Carpal Brace is made from an incredibly durable polypropylene outer shell and a non-porous medical grade foam for comfort. Standard hinges provide guided range of motion; however, other hinge options are available upon request for an additional charge.

  • WITH - Recommended with no additional charge. Removable but cannot be added later. Helps distribute pressure evenly. Provides better control over the leg in dogs with knuckling issues.
  • WITHOUT - Advantageous as most dogs prefer to feel their paws directly on the ground. Indicated for dogs without knuckling issues, have bilateral diagnosis, or are very active.


This brace can only be purchased by your veterinarian. To recommend this product to your vet, email them by clicking here. Creating a custom fit for your pet as quickly and efficiently as possible is our primary concern which is why we require as much detailed information as possible. By taking a few extra minutes to fill in the fields below, we can get your pet moving forward, faster.