Balto® Carpal Splint
Balto® Carpal Splint

Balto® Carpal Splint

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  • Designed to support the radiocarpal, carpometacarpal, and tarsometatarsal joints
  • Ideal for cases of hyperflexion or hyperextension of the carpus and tarsus, minor ligament distortions, sprains, and incomplete bone fractures
  • Effective, comfortable, and features an ergonomic fit
  • The molded, metal splint within the fabric follows the shape of the rear part of the antebrachium, stabilizing the affected area while still allowing the dog to move freely
BTSPLINTXXS XX-Small up to 5 lbs
BTSPLINTXS X-Small up to 15 lbs
BTSPLINTS Small up to 30 lbs
BTSPLINTM Medium up to 60 lbs
BTSPLINTL Large 65+ lbs


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