I am an RVT at a companion animal practice. I ordered the cruciate brace for my very active 7 year old Golden Retriever named Journey. She had her left cruciate repaired when she was 3 years old and recently tore her right cruciate. Due to her age and the prolonged recovery of cruciate surgery I decided to try the brace... I am amazed how it has changed her quality of life. Journey is now able to do all the things she loves; hiking, kayaking and swimming in the ocean. When I get the brace out she gets excited because she knows we are heading out for an adventure! Thank you so much for helping me help my girl!!!

Crystal & Journey

We got our dog, Abby, a Balto brace to help with her cruciate ligament injury. We would put it on her whenever she's outdoor to restrict leg movement should she attempt to overexert her leg. The brace worked well in keeping the leg stable and discouraging her from attempting to run. When wearing the brace, she did not put weight on the affected leg. We feel that using the brace outdoor prevented her from overstressing he leg, allowing for quicker healing times and preventing possible re-injury.

Fred & Abby