Stifle (Knee) Brace →

"I ordered the cruciate brace for my very active 7 year old Golden Retriever named Journey. She had her left cruciate repaired when she was 3 years old and recently tore her right cruciate. Due to her age and the prolonged recovery of cruciate surgery, I decided to try the brace. I am amazed at how it has changed her quality of life. Journey is now able to do all the things she loves; hiking, kayaking and swimming in the ocean. When I get the brace out she gets excited because she knows we are heading out for an adventure! Thank you so much for helping me help my girl!"

— Crystal, RVT & Journey (2018)

Carissa is an 8-year-old Golden Retriever that has a history of multiple failed knee surgeries. It started with a TPLO, due to a torn cruciate ligament. Then she had a TKR (total knee replacement) and the implant failed and was removed. Then a total knee arthroplasty was performed. Carissa also now has severe laxity in the stifle, both cranial as well as medial and lateral. Unfortunately, there is most likely no further recovery that will happen with this patient as there is just nothing left in that knee to provide stability, so the brace is the only option she had to help her be able to walk and function again.

Immediately upon donning the KVP Custom Stifle Brace she was able to get up and walk without her stifle falling into severe valgus. The overall stability of her stifle has improved which showed in her functional abilities. As a rehab specialist, I am very pleased with the KVP Custom Brace, its overall design, and ease of putting it on/off for owners. I'm very pleased with my experience with purchasing the product.

Overall, working with KVP to obtain a custom brace was amazing. The staff was all very willing to help me get the right brace, they assisted with casting and fitting, and were available via phone and even facetime. I give a 10/10 for recommendation of KVP braces to other vets/rehab professionals and a 10/10 overall satisfaction of the product.

— Amy Kramer, PT, DPT, CCRT about Carissa (2019)

Pete is a 10 lbs Chihuahua that was diagnosed with a right cranial cruciate ligament rupture with right proximal tibial deformity in May 2018. The owner is very happy with the results of the Custom Stifle Brace and states he's very comfortable wearing it. He's been using the leg much more, and placing weight on it now.

Mrs. Singleton would rate this KVP Custom Orthotic brace a 9 out of 10! We are so happy to have finally found a brace option that fits great for his little stature and is orthopedically beneficial to Pete!

— Dr. Donna Morris about Pete (2019)

Balto® CCL Brace →

"We got our dog, Abby, the Balto® CCL Brace to help with her cruciate ligament injury. Initially, we had some difficulty placing the brace on the leg but in a short time learned to do this easily and quickly. The key for us was to first loosely place the abdominal strap around her followed by the clam shell after which the abdominal strap was tightened. This procedure was easily completed within approximately 15 seconds. For the first 8 weeks, the brace was used outdoors to restrict leg movement should Abby attempt to overexert her leg. The brace worked well in keeping the leg stable and discouraging her from attempting to run. When wearing the brace, she didn't put weight on the affected leg. As she is older and not overly active, we didn't feel the need to utilize the brace while indoors. We feel that using the brace outdoors prevented her from over-stressing her leg, allowing for quicker healing times and possibly preventing possible re-injury."

— Fred & Abby (2018)

"My nine-year-old female Jack Russell/Beagle mix, Mally, tore her CCL in her back left knee in Mid-April. I elected to not go the surgery route when my vet informed that there is a slight chance the injury could heal on its own. Our vet suggested 3-4 weeks of confinement with no running, jumping, playing, and bathroom break walks must be on a leash. When we are home, I feel guilty keeping Mally in a crate when our other 3 dogs roam free. This is what led me to KVP Orthotics. I purchased the small size Balto® CCL Brace and it works great! With the brace on, there is no jumping and the injured knee is comfortably restricted. Mally can still use her leg, sit, and lay down. The brace took a little getting used to but was not bad at all.

It is week two of the healing process, and the brace has become part of our daily routine when going outside. I do not have to walk her on a leash, and if she decides to take off running, she can but not use the damaged knee. The Balto® brace is very well made and easy to use. It fits my dog so well; I choose not to use the extra support straps that came with the brace. There is cushion padding inside the brace that cradles the leg and keeps the knee in place. The KVP Balto® Brace is a quality product that I would recommend, and I have no doubt it is helping my injured dog. Surgery is not out of the picture, but if we do go that route, I have just the brace I need for the healing process. Thank you KVP!"

— Mark & Mally (2019)

"Artemis had a cranial cruciate ligament rupture and is now post-op TPLO surgery. When I first put the Balto® brace on her, she limped and hopped around for a while because she wasn't used to it. After a few days of use, she got used to it and walked normally. I really like the Balto® Brace because I feel like it provides great support to prevent further injury. We use it when we know she'll be doing more strenuous activity, like long walks or hikes. One of the surgeons has looked at the brace and said it was a good way to aid in the post-operative recovery and provides additional support for her knee."

— Channing, RVT & Artemis (2019)

Balto® Hock Brace →

"Colbie has been using the Balto® Hock Brace for slightly over a year now, and she has made improvements on her willingness to bear weight and step more on her weakened leg. She had a total of four surgeries after she was not properly operated for her calcaneus fracture in 2015. If the vet specialist had suggested a brace right after her arthrodesis surgery, I would think her muscles on that leg would probably be able to gain more and her ligament probably won't deteriorate as quickly. Six months later another vet suggested the Balto® Brace! We instantly ordered one and after putting it on for all her walks, her gait was slowly getting better and was stepping more confidently. Of course, with hydrotherapy and extra swimming lessons, those activities helped her leg muscles as they've already atrophied quite a lot. We tried everything to save her leg from amputation. Everything about the Balto® Brace is great, and the quality is very good. Thumbs up for Balto® for saving dogs like Colbie. I suggest this to other dogs who might need it!"

— Jessica & Colbie (2019)

Balto® Shoulder Brace →

"The Balto® Shoulder Brace seems to work well for Echo who has medial shoulder instability. We have found that it stops her leg from abducting from the shoulder, and she walks with a normal stride! The harness itself has durable material. Being a fluffy dog, fur does get everywhere, but it's quite easy to pull off this harness."

— Emba, RVN & Echo (2019)

Balto® Carpal Splint →

"Ares is a 7 year old male Belgian Malinois who competes in protection sports and helps with herding my livestock when needed. He partially ruptured his tendon in his pastern, so we decided to get him a Balto® Carpal brace from KVP. Initially when he started wearing the brace, he walked around trying to avoid putting full weight on that leg, shaking it, etc. He adapted fairly quickly though and now just goes through a brief 'this feels weird' period when I put it on then settles down. I've been very happy with the brace, and the customer support from the company. I've already recommended them to a couple of people I know and will continue to recommend them. I wish I'd known about this company 8 years ago when another one of my dogs tore her cruciate. I think I would have been happy with a brace from KVP."

— Kadi & Ares (2019)

KVP Cura™ →

"We first discovered issues with Arec, a former K-9 Police Dog, and called our veterinarian to check him out. Dr. Borth diagnosed Arec with coxofemoral arthritis, hip dysplasia, and lumbar spinal arthritis disease. Dr. Borth put Arec on pain meds and anti-inflammatories for a start. Dr. Borth also prescribed a series of shots and a KVP Cura™ unit.

We started by giving him treatments every single day, but after one week we decided to bump it down to 3 times a week. In the first three days I noticed a change in the way Arec was getting up and moving! THREE DAYS! It was insane! He was jumping up from laying down like he has done his whole life, and he was sitting without pain! At the end of that first week, Arec was back to his old self. He was laying down, sitting, bounding up to you, and jumping to greet you. He was also running in the back yard! It was amazing how quick he returned to himself with a week of treatment!

Before the treatments, when Arec went on walks he would frequently drag his back feet and you'd hear his nails scrape the ground. This was common for him due to the demanding job of being a police K9. Now after these daily treatments we did not hear him scraping his nails on the ground as often! We also no longer saw his crooked footsteps when walking! It's an amazing difference!

Arec continues to do well with the Cura. We have been giving him treatments every other day now for the past week. Before treatment he was always excited to go on walks, but there was no pep in his step. He has so much enthusiasm now! I was also worried about the Cura unit hindering Arec's mobility, but he was not hindered at all! He can walk, trot, run, sit, lay, relive himself, and do whatever he desires to do. He acts the same with the unit on as he does when he's not wearing it.

Arec is a former K-9 Police Dog awarded K9 of the Year in 2016."

— Tiffany & Arec (2019)

Honey has a lot of health issues, and we went through so much last year. She had a huge thyroid tumor and an aorta almost completely blocked by an enormous blood clot. As a result of these, as well as Cushings, Honey lost most of her ability to use her back legs last February/March (before we figured it all out), so her mobility has been affected by a lot in the last 14 months causing her muscles to atrophy a little.

As she started recovering, I noticed that her front legs were also affected. She was compensating for the pain in her right shoulder, and it was making her left ankle bend outwards. Honey has arthritis in her shoulder and was limping badly. Her gait was super uneven, and you could see her right shoulder roll up uncomfortably on every step. Her head swayed to the side while she walked, and our walks were excruciatingly painful and slow.

I met with a physical therapist in December, and he helped me with some strengthening exercises. He lent me the KVP Cura™ Patch, and I can't believe the difference it has made! The change that I see specifically in her shoulder is that she seems to be in so much less pain when we walk. Her gait became more even, and she stopped compensating so much with her other leg and head. As a result of both the KVP Cura™ and the PT exercises we have been doing, she's more mobile than she has been since last January. I started seeing results within a few weeks to a month, and I used it every night for about two months. Now she walks much more smoothly and can even run again.

She is visibly and deeply relaxed while using it. However, I think the biggest evidence was that I stopped using the KVP Cura™ in February to see if it made a difference. After a week or so, I felt that her gait became visibly uneven again. Seeing the difference when I did use it compared to when I stopped using it convinced me to invest in my own KVP Cura™ Patch! I use it 2-4 times a week now. Thank you, KVP!

— Ellen & Honey (2019)