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Terms & Conditions, KVP Orthotics as well as any companies associated KVP Orthotics any parent companies or subsidiaries, or any distribution and fulfillment partners, are not at all responsible for the safe application and use of these products. Our products are treated as medical devices and medical management for a pet's medical condition, injury, and/or care should be done at the discretion and under the supervision of a veterinarian. Wearing and usage of the device should be recommended and monitored. It is the responsibility, as the pet owner, to see a veterinarian if special medical management or further care pertaining to the wearing of this device is necessary. The pet owner assumes responsibility for informing their veterinarian of any change to their pet's overall health that may affect the wearing of this device. KVP Orthotics is not responsible for the safe application and use of these products. The responsibility of monitoring the safe application, its packaging, and use of these products is solely that of the purchaser and/or product user.

These products are not for resale. If the purchaser or any affiliate is found to be reselling any items acquired on this website, we reserve the right to cancel membership and pursue legal action.

Privacy Policy does keep certain important information that is pertinent to the use of the website, including profile and shipping information. Financial information is not stored nor accessible via and is protected by third party payment processors. KVP Orthotics will not sell or distribute any of the information it collects and will only use contact information for the marketing of its own products and services. KVP Orthotics will take every reasonable step to safeguard the information it does collect.

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