What is orthopedic bracing?

The mobility of your animal can be affected in many ways, from physical trauma and injury, neurological deficiencies, or sometimes simply old age. Custom orthotics are designed specifically for the uniqueness of your pet, aiding them by supporting the affected joint in healthy movements, and dispersing body weight to help prevent further injury.

Can I buy a KVP CO brace myself?

All KVP Custom Orthotics braces must be purchased by a veterinarian. We’ve found that in the process of diagnosing your pet, casting your pet’s limb properly, fitting the brace to that limb, and then performing routine check-ups on the health of your pet, your veterinarian is your best ally and resource. That is why we require a veterinarian purchase and cast your custom brace.

How long will it take to receive my KVP CO brace?

Once a purchase has been made, KVP Custom Orthotics will ship a casting kit to your veterinarian which will be used to make a mold of your pet's affected limb. When that mold has been returned, custom fabrication will start immediately, and takes 5-7 business days to build. Rush orders can be requested for an additional charge.

What is included with the cost of a KVP CO brace?

The fee for the device includes the casting kit, the device itself, sales tax, and shipping of both the casting kit and the brace.

What happens if the device does not fit properly?

KVP Custom Orthotics is committed to making sure your brace fits perfectly. If your veterinarian, along with a KVP CO representative, determines that the fit of the brace is not correct, we’ll take the necessary steps to adjust your brace. Adjustment times depend on the needs of the brace. For more information, please refer to our Return Policy and Terms and Conditions.

What if my brace needs to be refurbished?

KVP CO will gladly repair or refurbish our devices to the best of our abilities. We recommend that you send your braces in every 12-24 months for maintenance. Costs will vary, depending on the needs of the brace.

Are KVP CO braces waterproof?

All braces come with foam liners, made from non-porous foam that does not trap moisture. Although It is not recommended to have your pet leave the device on after getting it wet, as this can lead to skin irritation, these devices can be used in water and water therapy. These braces are also not recommended for use in lakes or oceans. Please allow for your brace to air dry.