Balto® CCL Brace
Balto® CCL Brace
Balto® CCL Brace
Balto® CCL Brace

Balto® CCL Brace

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  • Ideal for cases of cruciate ligament injuries and knee-joint conditions such as luxating patella, arthritis, or arthrosis
  • Can be used for post-surgical recovery and contralateral support
  • The brace has two pockets containing angled, metal splints that help restrict movement of the knee when needed
  • An abdominal band ensures the brace is well-secured at the right height
  • An additional "collar link" is provided and can be used if needed to prevent the abdominal band from sliding
  • Can also be used without splints as a compression brace to help with arthritis and arthrosis


  • Can be purchased for use on both the left and right knees (sold separately) to help with bilateral knee conditions such as luxating patellas, ligament injuries, or arthritis and arthrosis
  • For use with senior dogs (general degenerative process), overweight dogs (high pressure on the good leg), and/or active dogs with an important compensation behavior
XX-Small 3" - 5" 1" - 2" 3"
X-Small 6" - 7" 2" - 2.75" 4"
Small 8" - 10" 3" - 6" 6"
Medium 10" - 12" 4" - 6" 7"
Large 11.5" - 13" 4.75" - 7" 8.5"
X-Large over 14" 9.5"

Measurement A: Circumference of upper thigh
Measurement B: Circumference of lower thigh, just above the hock
Measurement C: Distance/Length between Measurements A and B


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